As experts in the replacement, installation and repair of eavestroughs, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee in addition to competitive prices or top quality materials with several colour options.

At Frontier Eaves and Siding, we pride ourselves in our services, which protect homes in the Haldimand-Norfolk and Brantford-Brant areas from costly damages with our gutters that are designed to be seamless.

The superior choice, in terms of performance and looks, is seamless gutters. They protect your home from mold, pest infestation, water damage, and other issues that are commonly associated with sectional gutters.

Though gutter issues may be common, over time the damage they can cause to a home’s roof, exterior and foundation can quickly become significant. Once your gutters are showing cracks or are beginning to sag or leak, the time to consider having seamless gutters installed may have arrived. Getting a high-performance, professionally installed seamless gutter system is an investment that will keep the safety and health of your home safe for several years.

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Experience superior benefits with seamless gutters, which include:

Quality Construction & Installation

A professional gutter specialist will custom build seamless gutters to the specifications of your home and then install them in a timely manner, to begin their protection as soon as efficiently possible. Seamless gutters will protect your home far better than sectional gutters, as they do not prevent water damage to your home nearly as well.

Long-Term Durability

Crafted with very few joints to minimize potential weak spots, seamless gutters prevent sagging, leaks and clogs significantly more than faulty, ineffective gutters that have several joints.

Improved Curb Appeal

Seamless gutters perform and look their best for several years, available in a wide array of colours and finishes. They offer more curb appeal tha sectional gutters, which can weaken over time and look distorted with cracks and dents.

Low Maintenance

With far less seams and joints than sectional gutters, seamless gutters require much less maintenance to keep clean. Traditional gutters can require a tedious, time-consuming cleaning schedule to keep them clear of leaks or clogs. Seamless gutters are far less likely to clog or leak, needing less upkeep over time.

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When you choose us for your gutter services, you’re choosing a company that has been helping people in your area since 2017. Our team is fully licensed and insuredand we provide all of the services you need to keep your gutters clean and working properly. Whether you have a single-family home or a multi-unit building, you can count on us to get the job done right.





What types of gutters are best/available?2022-09-20T00:58:21-04:00

There are many kinds of gutters available

Vinyl – easy to install but require many seams and become brittle over time.

Seamless Aluminum – seamless aluminum gutters are custom-made on site. These are the most popular gutters, and they only have seams at the corners. Slightly higher upfront cost but less seams mean fewer leaks and less maintenance over time.

Copper gutters – won’t mold, mildew or rust. They require welding at seams. Copper ionizes and changes color over time. They are also 2x+ the cost of aluminum gutters. Usually installed in conjunction with copper roofs Steel

Why Are Gutters Important2022-09-20T00:52:45-04:00

Without gutters (or if your gutters are clogged) rainwater can accumulate in pools around your home’s walls and foundation. This can result in erosion and cracks in the foundation or flooding of your basement.

How Often Should Gutters be Replaced2022-09-20T00:54:42-04:00

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all of our gutters, so you should not have to replace them again. Gutters should last you a long time. The only maintenance gutters will need is cleaning. The frequency of cleaning depends on your location (i.e. if a tree is over your home)

What is a Seamless Gutter?2022-09-20T00:55:33-04:00

Traditional gutters are manufactured off-site, cut to length, and then pieced together. The many seams resulting from piecing prefabricated gutter parts together weaken the system and creates more opportunities for leaks. Seamless gutters are made on-site at your home using a specialized gutter machine that fabricates gutters to the exact length needed. While they are slightly more expensive initially, homeowners save money in the long run because the gutters are customized for their home and traditionally require less maintenance and fewer repairs in the future.

Do I need 5 inch or 6 inch gutters?2022-09-20T00:56:27-04:00

Size depends upon the amount and rate of water going into the gutter. Besides the location and weather where you live, the size and pitch of your roof will determine the type of gutter needed. The steeper the pitch of your roof, the more wind-driven rain it will take. This added incline also causes the water to come down more rapidly, requiring a 6 inch gutter.


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